Life Coach for Childbirth & Beyond

Ascend to your Power.

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About Me

Hello, I’m Rose IsBell.  I’m a happy wife, mother of 4 beautiful (7, 5, 3, 1 year olds) children, and a follower of Christ. 

I’ve been an RN for 11 years—nursing as the foundation for everything else I am–an Artist, a Health Advocate, an Aesthetician and a Life Coach.  In the journey, I dipped in different arenas, and found passion in empowering women, and recently gained experience as a birth assistant, working alongside nurse midwives. 

I believe in divine principles, purpose, power and potential.  I believe we are all endowed with these gifts and are able to tap into them if we allow ourselves to rise and emerge into this light.  I believe in the human family, and the light of the Mother, being the heart of her posterity, and society.  I believe we need strong and faithful Mothers, now more than ever. 

Coaching expectant women in preparation for childbirth and helping her realize her divine power, is the key and source of her strength for labor & delivery and beyond.  I have a testimony of this divinity as I depended on it while birthing all my children naturally.  There is a need to remember this power source and reawaken this inner strength to raise good, healthy, resilient children & generations.