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What is Prenatal Coaching?

A.K.A. Transformational Birth Support Coaching.

Would a professional athlete hire a coach only a day or hours before the performance?

The coach is acquired months or years prior to the ultimate day and time thereof.

To view the Labor & Delivery process as the ultimate performance for the expectant mother, should shed light to the importance of having a Prenatal Coach.

It is fair to say that throughout the prenatal care, the expectant mother and support persons are in the receiving end of plethora of new information. The internal state on the other hand is rarely investigated too deeply.

To be in alignment with, and uncovering the expectant's vision, ultimate drive and motivation or any inhibition is the key to keep any fear or anxiety at bay, as the time approaches for that special yet uncontrollable event. Fear is the opposition of the natural, spiritual, physical beautiful processes to allow labor & delivery to progress smoothly.

Prenatal Coaching means helping a woman (and her partner) transcend through the childbirth experience, feeling in control of what they can control, and feeling prepared to make the best decisions that are aligned with their values when the unknown unravels.

Prenatally, the woman will gain the knowledge that she is fully equipped to birth her child, that she is whole, and not broken or ill. She will embrace her natural ability, discovering what she is capable of. With this newfound strength, she has the confidence to work with her provider, and not be “told” what’s best, but that her inner voice will always be heard to help navigate through. She becomes evolved into or closer to her best self. She will view the medical interventions as gifts and tools, should the need for them ARISE, but the need is not inherit.

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